LaChance Janitorial Specialist, LLC


Dusting all rooms
Removing cobwebs
Vacuuming and mopping all floors, rugs, carpets and stairs
Cleaning glass surfaces
Bed making and straightening linen
Vacuuming upholstery and cushions
Removing/emptying wastebaskets
Cleaning/wet cloth wiping all furniture
Window cleaning


Toilet cleaning
Cleaning sinks, showers, tubs
Damp wiping cabinets, shelves, mirrors and counters
Cleaning toothbrush holder, soap dish, lotions and toilet brush holder


Cleaning counters, tables, appliance surfaces, sinks, range hood
Cleaning burner grates, stove drip pans and control knobs
Wash and wipe counters
Cleaning microwave ovens and turntable
Damp wiping furniture and cabinet fronts

Commercial Cleaning

Dusting all surfaces
Vacuuming floors
Cleaning and dusting all furniture and file cabinets
Window cleaning
Emptying wastebaskets
Vacuuming carpeted areas
Removing cobwebs
Cleaning bathrooms
Cleaning and mopping pantry floor, counters, mirrors and shelves
Cleaning, vacuuming and mopping of general areas like lobby and elevator(s)

My Staff

I am involved on every project. Either I do all of the cleaning myself or I provide one of my cleaners. I have a small staff of trained and experienced workers that I trust that are available to help with larger projects.  I am not a large company and I only use people that I am very impressed with as they represent my business.
Please call us at 608-756-3496 for additional information and specials on all services.



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